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AquaCharged DieselTM

Our water in diesel formulations can be categorized under two labels, AquaCharged (Micro-sized Emulsion) and AquaCharged+ (Nano-sized Emulsion). To learn more about how water can aid in lower emissions, cleaner carbon footprint, and an improvement in engine performance, please continue reading below. 


Micro-Explosion Phenomenon

AquaCharged Diesel Multi-Stage Combustion

Improved Fuel Economy

AquaCharged Diesel transforms the soot shell formation with the assistance of water vapor/steam.

Water vapor/steam converts the soot/char into carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen gas.

Through the "Micro-Explosion Phenomenon" an increase in fuel burn is now possible during the combustion cycle.

The formation of the SOOT shell during the combustion cycle of a diesel engine regulates the diesel fuel in the shell to fully combust, thus reducing the fuel efficiency.


Soot Shell

Fuel Droplet

SOOT Shell Conversion by Water Vapor/Steam

Engine Power Increase

AquaCharged Diesel reduces soot shell formation hence increasing fuel efficiency.

Water aids in an increased heating rate by a factor of about 1.5x, causing the piston to descend much quicker in naturally aspirated diesel engine (non-turbo equipped). For turbocharged diesel engine the heating rate is increased even more by a factor of 2x.

Fun Fact:

Soot is unburned fuel from the combustion cycle and a sign of inefficient combustion. Another byproduct of unburned fuel during the combustion cycle is an increase in hydrocarbons (HC), a greenhouse gas.

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