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Biodiesel Research

With continued EPA regulation standards trending towards reduced emissions, our Fossil Fuel Enhancement Technology is a researched fuel formulation that can reduce between 5-100% of conventional diesel fuel per volume, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions exponentially and extending the life of the fuel. Unlike conventional diesel fuel, our formulations allow for the utilization of up to 35% WATER, 11+ different seed oils, and animal fats, producing 100+ different bio and renewable diesel formulations.

Our team of seasoned research scientists and engineers here at Fuel Technology, LLC have initially targeted conventional diesel fuel, which the United States consumed about 47.2 billion gallons of in 2019 generating $62,000,000,000 in revenue.

Our patented technology lowers greenhouse gas emissions, reduces diesel fuel between 5-100% per volume, and increases/maintains performance without any engine modifications necessary.



AquaCharged DieselTM (5-35% Water)

Our water in diesel formulations can be categorized under two labels, AquaCharged (Micro-sized Emulsion) and AquaCharged+ (Nano-sized Emulsion). To learn more about how water can aid in lower emissions, cleaner carbon footprint, and an improvement in engine performance, please click below. 

Plant-Based Biodiesel (11+ Oil Types, 5-50% Renewable)

Plant-Based seed oils have proven to be a great source for biodiesel. Our seed oil biodiesel formulations have successfully replaced up to 50% (B50) of conventional diesel per volume. Please click below to learn more about which oils we have used in our formulations. 

Animal Fat Biodiesel (5-100% Renewable)

Our animal fat biodiesel have the capability to be 100% renewable biodiesel, B100. In other words they can be run into conventional diesel engines containing zero diesel AND requiring no engine modifications. Please click below to learn more about animal fat biodiesel.  

Animal fats used in our formulations are sourced ONLY from non-edible byproducts.


AquaCharged BunkerTM

AquaCharged GasolineTM

AquaCharged Jet FuelTM

AquaCharged Heating OilsTM

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